Global Political Analysis

– a stunning deadlock that keeps the 99% in planned poverty –

  • In extant financial-economic system Banks keep bailing out Governments and Governments keep bailing out Banks and in both cases the 99% of us – the Taxpayers – have to pay, meanwhile the richest 1% get richer. WHY?

At the very core of the global Crisis and Debt-trap, we find a series of fictitious transactions – Government- bonds and Bank-bailouts – that result in the many £ / € / $ trillions of odious (illegitimate) Public Debts – also called Sovereign or National Debts – as well as in the increasing Tax-burden and intensifying Austerity and Cuts for the 99%.

The two sides of these fictitious transactions between Banks and Governments that cause the ever increasing public Debts are in fact two empty IOUs exchanged by Banks and Governments:

  • 1) The Bank ‘buys’ Bonds from the Government – lends money…

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