You cannot make this shit up… I remember thinking back when the censorship filter was announced that it was a cover so the dirty bastards in power could all get away with kiddie porn. Now I’m not pointing fingers at all at the Conservatives, or people they like to do business with, but got damn I knew as much…

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rock1Patrick Rock (left) the top adviser to David Cameron facing child abuse images allegations, was in fact arrested three weeks ago.

In a mealy-mouthed exchange today, a Downing Street spokesman said, “Number 10 immediately referred this to the National Crime Agency. Of course, this is all directly linked to a police investigation and I don’t think we would proactively comment on that… I think that when… I think it is no surprise that we would not comment proactively on police investigations…When a question was put to us, we responded, obviously subject to the constraints of there being an ongoing police investigation.”

What a complete load of disingenuous bollocks. Does anyone remember this degree of formality being applied to the arrest of television celebs and BBC radio DJs?

As Call Me Dave himself might say, let us be clear about this: Patrick Rock…

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