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March 2014

Unable to sleep

So I’m laying here on my bed unable to sleep. I really hate nights like this where my brain is unable to stop working. It doesn’t matter if I listen to random noise, some ambient sounds to bore myself into a state of sleep. Its just not working tonight.

I turn off the sounds from my headphones and for a second I think I’m able to relax and the silence should somehow wrap itself around me and pull me into its blissful embrace.

Instead of sleep my active mind conjures up images to the sounds I’ve just put to bed. Brass bells and shiny materials wink into and out of existence, and the more I try and stop thinking about them the more my subconscious brings them into the realm of my conscious.
Geometric shapes dance and spin and morph into other patterns in a colourful display of light just behind my eyelids. No matter what I do to will them away from existence they won’t stop forming in my vision.

I want to quieten down the mind, I lay here with my arms still at my sides like in a meditative state, but I just can’t relax. The mind is racing, it wants to move it wants to solve some sort of impossible puzzle.

I get up and start writing, perhaps if I write I might finally give the mind what it so desperately needs. Perhaps after it has time to do some task, to solve some sort of construction, some kind of edifice, perhaps then can it be calm enough to let me be, to give me some space so that I can have some sleep.

As it stands I don’t think I’ll be going into work today. Hah, the menial job that I enjoy so much, said with a bucketful of sarcasm. I don’t think three hours will be enough sleep to do a full day of grafting and my incentives to do the job in its entirety have become non incentives of late. I might reserve a little blog space for those little bitter berries at a later date.

For now I will comfort eat, drink coffee and try and sleep. I may not even phone in first thing, it depends if I’m awake…how rebellious am I.


You never even asked us part 2

I can’t believe it…

If you’ve read part one I mentioned a while back about an Agenda21 project which has recently started in my local town, right outside my house in fact…

In part one I explained that local residents received a rather disingenuous letter from the council which had very little in way of informative information regarding the cutting down of all the folliage and trees, and the reasons thereof.

The explanation given by the council by letter was that it was essential work needed so that the area out the back of us would not flood like it did in 2007.


(In 2007 it flooded because of poor maintenance not anything to do with the local countryside, they could of cleared it by not even cutting down a single tree before it flooded, not unless they wanted it to flood?)

I didn’t and still don’t understand the logic of cutting down trees in the prevention of flooding…

As it turns out the letter they sent out to us is not entirely the whole picture…

  Further up the hill from us there are plans to build a new housing estate and as more houses are being put up in that area the more waste water needs to be shunted downstream (apparently), I was informed by another resident (who now has a rodent problem in her house because of this tree clearing activity) that the area being cleared down hill (right ouside my house) is so the council can build a lagoon in the space that they’ve just cleared, because of the extra water run off by building upstream will create…

Or so they say.

If you are one to believe in the conspiracies surrounding the Agenda21 projects across the planet, you might very well believe that the powers that be want to force residents out of thier homes by devaluing the land so that prices fall and the oil industry can move in and set about buying up land and drilling wells.

You might think this is a ridiculous notion, but it has been already estimated by certain government agencies that the UK would need up to 465,000 small wells built to meet energy demands in the future.

Not only did they clear the land out the back of our house without really consulting the local residents other than an formal letter which doesn’t even mention a pissing lagoon, but they have not followed it up with a consultation with the local residents, or even a follow up letter.

What about our permission as taxpayers and people who live in the area, what about our views. Obviously our opinions don’t matter a shit.


I’m not suggesting that they didn’t make the plans public by putting them in the towns official administrative buildings. They do that as a matter of law,  but to mislead the local residents (who are obviously going to protest or not) by writing a letter which is confusing and doesnt tell the whole picture is quite frankly beyond.

Either way if they did inform the residents and I’ve been misled or the letter about a lagoon had escaped my inbox, its still fucking disgraceful.

They must think we’re all stupid.

UKRAINE: Analyse it objectively, and you will smell the fomenting of false flags.

The Slog.

ukraineballThe crisis in Ukraine: World Cup needle-match or boring friendly?


With the Arab States playing synchronised Ambassador withdrawal against Qatar, once again one is left wondering exactly what sort of World Cup tournament is going to be possible given the increasingly Islamist slant of the Government, the 45 degree temperatures, and the possibility of everyone boycotting everyone else. The assumption underlying even that, of course, is that there’ll be a world of which to be champion by then. Last night, England scraped a late goal 1-0 win over very poor Danish opposition, in a match so tediously coached on both sides I turned it off after half an hour. Our plucky boys in white have now scored just the one goal in their last three home matches. We simply aren’t good enough, thanks to Rupert Murdoch – the Undead One…

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At the End of the Day

Another re-blogged post from the slog. It’s a funny reality to live in when one really doesn’t trust ones own country or the west… I concur…

The Slog.

Fatso di Barosso di Commissione Europeanne proudly gushed this afternoon that we The People of the EU are to lend €11bn to Ukraine.

Ukraine is not an EU member State. So can somebody real please to an humble Slog (a) where he gets off lending 11 billion notes of an already bankrupt currency to a country outside “our” borders (b) whyTF anyone in the West really believes we have the remotest right to interfere in the cultural meltdown of a country way beyond our sphere of influence, and (c) why Vladimir Putin has no right to a say in a country where the majority of people speak Russian?

I am no Putin apologist: the bloke is KGB down to his boots. But he has far more right to a say in Ukrainian affairs than any of us. Which is why I LOL when David Cameron tweets to say, ‘I’ve been…

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Exactly we need to get out there and mobilise, instead of moaning about stuff… good analysis from the Slog as always.

The Slog.

ZERO The time has come at last for even the more smug and sleepy among us to get real. This is the situation we have:

1. A gentleman with a posh name, a senior and shady role on Tory affairs (and no doubt the wearer of nice shoes) is in charge of seeking out naughty paedos – and has now been accused of being one of their number.

2. The Prime Minister and his staff covered up the issue until caught out.

3. The Prime Minister’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is bankrolled by a John Lewis who was at a key time Chairman of the Groucho Club. At that time, it was hosting a PIE-style website and taking illegal pictures of its clients snorting coke.

4. Alistair McAlpine successfully sued the backside off various people for being wrongly outed as a paedophile, but kept secret his certain knowledge about Jimmie McAlpine…

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ICANN and the 7 Keys to the Internet

THE PAEDOFILE – Top Tory adviser arrest spells it out: one law for the innocent until proven guilty….another for the guilty until proven innocent.

You cannot make this shit up… I remember thinking back when the censorship filter was announced that it was a cover so the dirty bastards in power could all get away with kiddie porn. Now I’m not pointing fingers at all at the Conservatives, or people they like to do business with, but got damn I knew as much…

The Slog.


rock1Patrick Rock (left) the top adviser to David Cameron facing child abuse images allegations, was in fact arrested three weeks ago.

In a mealy-mouthed exchange today, a Downing Street spokesman said, “Number 10 immediately referred this to the National Crime Agency. Of course, this is all directly linked to a police investigation and I don’t think we would proactively comment on that… I think that when… I think it is no surprise that we would not comment proactively on police investigations…When a question was put to us, we responded, obviously subject to the constraints of there being an ongoing police investigation.”

What a complete load of disingenuous bollocks. Does anyone remember this degree of formality being applied to the arrest of television celebs and BBC radio DJs?

As Call Me Dave himself might say, let us be clear about this: Patrick Rock…

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Why has Russia moved so fast?

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