I’m not a expert of trees, I don’t proclaim to know a lot about them, I know that they’re pretty to look at and provide the planet with some of its oxygen. I know they are home to many animals and other oganisms, but this thing here doesn’t seem quite right to me…

Now I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories. People who claim that agenda21 is really just a fake mandate to give governments the go ahead to perform various environmental activity in the interests of flood defence and whatnot, but really that could be a front for acquiring land by flooding and other environmental disasters that they could perform in order to get the residents to leave and for them to sell the land paving the way for potentially dangerous activities like fracking…

No, no I wouldn’t be so cynical…but right outside my house the local council has taken it upon themselves via a EU project (agenda21) to clear away quite a bit of trees and scrub, in the belief that the land should be allowed to flood naturally.

I don’t quite understand how getting rid of all the trees surrounding the areas where there is water going to achieve that aim…its going to flood more surely.

Now I told you I was not an expert on the subject of trees, but surely clearing the land of them is going to make it easier for it to flood, unless there is something about roots I dont know about.

We had some flooding in 2007 which caused very minor (for some of us) and (inconvenience and a few damp walls for some unfortunate people), damage but on the whole it wasn’t really a major drama.

I believe the problem in 2007 in our local little area was caused by blocked drains, and poor infrastructure/maintainence to get the water to run away via the sewer drain rather than the impact some trees would have in the flood plain area, which is what they are telling us they are doing now.

By the way they informed us of their plans about a week before they actually carried them out, the local residents were not asked of thier opnion… its just vital environmental work that needs to be carried out so we’re going to do it…tomorrow, have a nice day.


I liked the copse like areas which are now completely cut down, I liked seeing the birds in the trees and the squirrels which now have to find other places to live. I liked going there for walks for the wild plants, the sloes the blackberries, and to take photographs I liked it how it was, it all seems unnecessary this killing of the trees.

Now its just a barren field for doggies to walk on and shit.

Of course it could be a nefarious plan to not only evict the animals, but to evit us as well…sometime in the future after it really floods?

It’s not a huge area we are talking about here, its not even a square mile in size and the waterway is a brook..but given enough of these little agenda21 projects there will be no countryside left..just bare land and wells for the oil companies, thats if one believes in the fracking conspiracy in the guise of good environmental responsibility projects.

I’d love to be wrong, and I just hope its my paranioa.