Good analysis on how politicians milk the issue for their own political ends, left included.

The Slog.

edBUBBLES Ed Miliband, the Labour leader pushing hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2015, tweeted as follows last night:

‘Climate change is a national security issue in Britain with extreme weather attacking people’s homes & livelihoods …’

This morning at 10.40 am GMT he was at it again:

‘We must rebuild the consensus on climate change and tackle this as a national security issue. …

Where to start in deconstructing this mindless fascism? Let’s kick off by kicking the Guardian, as Rusbridger and the odd clique he keeps around him are as dictatorially totalitaritarian as they come. The article to which the Ed Miller Band linked is beyond belief as an example of distorted, blinkered attitudes to the data thus far available on climate change. This is the bold sub to the headline:

miliguardptnetPoint by point:

1. If there is a widespread agreement about the causes…

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