You think you’re a 10, you’re a 5.
You think every man wants you, its lies.

You’re in denial.

Your taste in good wine is exceptional, after all you’re a Lambrini girl.

But you don’t know your Cabernet, from your Chardonnay.

You’re in denial.

If not kept in check the ego is a dangerous thing.
You think you’re the centre of attention, a drama queen, a little darling.

But could you once have fun without taking a sip.
Is that too rude to ask, without breaking a hip.

Without fighting or fussing or losing ones rag
Without bragging about all the men you have shagged.

You’re in denial.

Life’s a party, a disco you think.
It’s optimal happiness achieved only with drink.

Of course we all know that the answers not true
That we’re not really deluded , we’re just out to get you.

We’re not really good friends but we are here to judge
That we’re really concerned, paranoid you won’t budge.

You’re in denial.

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