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August 2013

A new alternative to Wi-Fi has a range of nearly a mile and won’t drain your battery

Had to reblog because this is a cool thing.


YALLA SOURIYA | Syria Live Update News @YallaSouriya


You think you’re a 10, you’re a 5.
You think every man wants you, its lies.

You’re in denial.

Your taste in good wine is exceptional, after all you’re a Lambrini girl.

But you don’t know your Cabernet, from your Chardonnay.

You’re in denial.

If not kept in check the ego is a dangerous thing.
You think you’re the centre of attention, a drama queen, a little darling.

But could you once have fun without taking a sip.
Is that too rude to ask, without breaking a hip.

Without fighting or fussing or losing ones rag
Without bragging about all the men you have shagged.

You’re in denial.

Life’s a party, a disco you think.
It’s optimal happiness achieved only with drink.

Of course we all know that the answers not true
That we’re not really deluded , we’re just out to get you.

We’re not really good friends but we are here to judge
That we’re really concerned, paranoid you won’t budge.

You’re in denial.

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Trooper – A Beer Review

Galileo's Bane

If you were to mix a Bass with a Newcastle, you would have this beer.  What?

OK, if you were to mix Bass with Newcastle and dry hop it with Cascade, you would have this beer.

Blasphamy!!!  This is Iron Maiden’s beer.  It’s gotta rock!  It’s gotta be special.  You can’t say that about this beer!

Truth be told, it doesn’t scream of “666 The Number of the Beast” like one would think an Iron Maiden beer would…or should. Give me a Double IPA, man!  Or an Imperial stout, with some sort of evil ingredient added.  You could call it Fear of the Dark.  A Metal beer should be something as intense as the music.

This beer is more akin to what those 50-something rockers would drink as they chill aboard their own Bowing 757, Ed Force One, cruising from country to country with rig in tow.  A group who…

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Handy illusion

Richard Wiseman

@olliemealing brought my attention to this great illusion yesterday…..


And very good it is too. Like it?

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