We don’t live in a perfect world, we never have. People being people we tend to get things wrong and mess things up even though we may of started out with the best of intentions.

With that in mind its no surprise that our valued institutions are sometimes prone to getting things wrong, after all they are all manned by people, and people make mistakes.

But do I believe in grandiose conspiracy theories involving our people, our institutions for the most part I do not, simply because there are no sensible and factual reasons to do so. Of course if there were really good evidence to support these peoples conspiracies, they wouldn’t be conspiracies in the first place.

That’s not to say institutions are corrupt free, where you have a collective of like minded people, competition and the natural forces of human nature play out, but to tar whole bodies with the same brush, and to claim a conspiracy of huge magnitude is simply ridiculous.

I wanted to write about the Boston Bombings because I personally do not feel it’s fair to the victims of the crimes and their families that their loved ones should be mistreated by a handful of people who have nothing better to do with their time than to spread fear and hate about the hard working people in law enforcement and institutions who are there to serve and protect us against criminals, and it gets me angry that people make up utter bullshit so often in events of tragedy with very little facts and a boat load of gut emotional belief  – I  knew that as soon as we had a few days to digest what had happened after the tragic scenes of criminality, that the conspiracy theorists would be out in force to claim that the government or other institutions are pulling the wool over our eyes. AGAIN!

This simply is not the case… there is no evidence for it.

But before I get into to some of the stupidity of those involved in conspiracy in general, I wanted to lay some ground work down in this case so it might help with explaining some of the reasons why we as lay people are only privy to certain information and how seeing ‘justice is done’ is the top priority over everything else.

Shortly after the explosions at the Boston marathon the FBI took the unprecedented step in asking the public for its help by so called ‘crowd sourcing’ some of its work so that they would obtain photographs of any potential suspects involved in the bombing. This strategy had the effect of encouraging some people who were already engaged in armchair sleuthing (and some people who were at the event who were not) to examine who might have been responsible for the bombing.

Asking the public for help with handing in and e-mailing photos from digital cameras and phones was genuine in that the evidence collected would be used if a criminal case should transpire, they took the step of waiting a day or so before revealing who the real suspects were before again asking for the public’s help in identifying who the suspects were in name.

In the meantime law enforcement were already examining CCTV footage of the real suspects while half of the Internet and its dog were misidentifying anyone and everyone carrying a bag with a strap at the marathon as the suspects and conducting overlays on photos using graphics editing software, all very 1995 but all of which later turned out to be false.

In the meantime law enforcement would of been conducting several leads into the case as is routine, as well as not revealing any of their investigation to us the public, which is only right as it could not only jeopardise the case, but also mess up any criminal proceedings subsequent to a possible arrest.

One or two media outlets made the silly mistake of misidentifying one of the suspects which led to various reports of innocent people being identified as the bombers. Shame on them, as they should of been checking on their sources of information. This led to people (myself included I must say now) in Tweeting who the suspect could of been. This was incorrect, and never should of happened it probably wouldn’t of done pre-Internet.

Next we had people examining a tweet apparently made by the Boston Globe warning people about a possible controlled explosion being conducted before the actual explosions took place.  This turned out to be a false piece of conspiracy nonsense as the tweet in question was made at 3:53 PM and was tweeted to alert people that the Bomb Squad were detonating a suspicious package. The actual bombs which killed three people went off at around 2:49 PM which meant that the controlled explosion tweet was tweeted over an hour after the bombs went off. Doh!

Twitter adjusts the time of the tweet to that of the user who is viewing the tweet (their local time) hence the possible confusion in people viewing the Boston Globe’s twitter time line. This is a case of people putting two and two together and coming up with the number seven, or one, or three or whatever time zone they happen to be in…

Notice the local time.
Notice the local time.

Notice mine in UTC, look it’s 8:53PM.

If it was an inside job why make up some garbage about a controlled explosion at all, they would of been better off saying nothing at all.  Not only that but drills and practices are best served and experienced with officers in the field during real life events, (not that they would of set up a real explosion but the training for sure) how do people expect our brave men and women to react if not confronted with a real life situations as can be is beyond me. It’s called on job training and happens to occur in lots of industries as well as the service sector.

Lastly we have the claims by conspiracy theorists of the lack of evidence provided by law enforcement in the apprehension of the two suspects. One officer dead, car jacking, ditching of IEDs, injured police officers, evading the law,  a shoot out, a leaked picture of the deceased suspect #1 and the subsequent apprehension of suspect #2  – This clearly does not convince everyone that is what happened, well let them write stories to make up conspiracies if they so wish if it makes them feel good.

Law enforcement do not have to share anything with us that is not their job, they are only required to do so in a court of law which they will do no doubt in the days weeks and months ahead.

Stay tuned.