People are just plain stupid. Look at this business lately with this really anti-Islamic film ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, which has caused an outrage in some Muslim countries, (and is reported to be shit by all accounts) what a complete load of idiots some people are.

I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in a ‘God’ as such, or any religion…I haven’t got beef with people who do mind you, even though I think they might be slightly silly for doing so…no, my beef is with stupid people.

Some people just don’t need an accuse to go on a riot do they, it has very little to do with religion in my view and more to do with people just wanting to take the complete piss and have some ‘fun’, ‘hey it’s riot season lets go for it’ – However their particular brand of ‘fun’ is not so much fun, if you’re on the receiving end.

Protests against the film – Innocence of Muslims – began on Tuesday in the Egyptian capital Cairo. The media is reporting that at least seven people have died in protests in Khartoum, Tunis and Cairo.

In this day and age when we have billions of copies of this holy book in question, who cares if someone wants to set fire to it, or wipes their bottom on it, or eats it or whatever they wish to do with it, who cares that someone will draw a caricature of a prophet smoking a joint or fucking a camel.

The people that do care about this sort of ‘blasphemy’ and decide to riot because of it, or kill people are stupid… They should be locked up for being stupid, as well as killing people.

These protesters might call themselves whatever the hell the want to, it doesn’t bother me what religious persuasion they think they are, what bothers me more than anything is the fact they claim to be religious and are using religion to justify their actions, even if they claim it’s in their particular book, their actions are misguided not to mention wrong.

It also does the complete opposite to any ‘decent’ cause they may of wish to of put forward (not that they have any decency or just causes) because it gives the media a perfect platform to then exploit the issue for political gain.

Another stupid that has been in the news of late involves Kate Middleton’s tits, that is a stupid…(not that her tits are stupid they look OK, although they are a bit small) why go topless for the world’s media (not that she has much to show anyway) and then sue because her privacy is being so called ‘invaded’ – You mean to tell me they didn’t know they would be spied on, oh please.  If she didn’t want to be photographed she could of either stayed indoors, or kept her bikini top on just as a precaution – I claim Kate Middleton a celebrity wannabe.

Of course it would of been the decent thing for the press to of asked for a Royal invite, but I doubt they would of got exclusive rights to Kate’s birthday suit, although why the Royal’s didn’t just go for a tasteful bikini shot is beyond me, especially in this day and age.

Oh right yes, they were on holiday.

A small fine to some of these media groups who are publishing these photos is nothing compared to the profits made in selling their wares to the rest of Europe, who must think the British Royal family quite mad, as well as prudish.

At least they got a free holiday out of it.