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September 2012

Google Play presents: Iain M. Banks, Alastair Reynolds, and Peter F. Hamilton

Three of my favourite British Science Fiction authors share their views on the genre, which they recently shared via the medium of Google+ hangouts.


U-God on money

#spottheshuttle #ov105 Endeavor over Bay Bridge

Excellent photos Matt – I had to re-blog ūüôā

Matt on Not-WordPress, mostly photos

If you want to see just the shuttle:

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To Arm or not to Arm.

You may have heard the news in the mainstream press about the shooting dead of two female police officers in Manchester, England recently. In my opinion one of the ways in which their deaths could of been prevented was better intelligence on the supposed killer, and possibly better use of informants.


Since the news broke about this incident, many people have voiced their concern about ways in which an event like this, could be prevented in the future. One of the more popular topics centred around this has been the issue of whether or not arm the police.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that police forces in the UK have specialist (armed) trained officers who, if need be can be summoned if they believe the public or themselves to be at risk from violent criminals and such. 

I remember once seeing armed police on the streets of Weston-super-Mare at one time where it was reported that a criminal was spotted walking along the rooftops on the High Street stores.

While it was obvious who the armed officers were (because they were carrying guns slung over their shoulders) I don’t think the public were aware if the armed response was due to ‘sound’ intelligence or whether it was just a report called in by a member of the public. The one thing that was evident was just how rapid a response there was from the initial sighting of this rogue criminal, and how¬†professional¬†the police conducted themselves. ¬†

If one were to arm regular bobbies (UK slang for officers on patrol) and train them all on the use of firearms, not only would the cost of doing so be prohibitive, but accidents and deaths (due to officers shooting themselves) not to mention trigger happy officers, possibly shooting innocent people (which would more likely occur without the specialist armed response units) would probably outweigh any positive benefit of having regular police officers carrying guns. 

In my view it is a nonsense to consider it. 

Reggie Clemons, sentenced to die.

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

Please note update, below.

A year ago today was Troy Davis’s last full day on earth. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of his execution, an execution carried out despite not just reasonable but breathtaking doubt.

Today, Reggie Clemons faces a horrifyingly similar circumstance, convicted and sentenced to death as an accomplice to the murder of two young women in 1991, despite a disturbing number of problems¬†in the case against him, including: a lack of any physical evidence, compromised eyewitnesses, allegations of police brutality, prosecutorial behavior described by judges as ‚Äúabusive and boorish,‚ÄĚ a stacked jury, and inadequate legal representation ‚ÄĒ and then there‚Äôs the question of race.

Victims Robin and Julie Kerry drowned in the Mississippi River after falling from the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St. Louis. Their cousin Thomas Cummins originally confessed to the acts which led to one young woman falling and the other…

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Immanence and the Infinite

This is what we all feel when we look out at the night sky. Excellent.

Bearing and Nothingness

Immanence and the Infinite

Ah, sorry this is so late! I have been waiting to do this one since I first came up with this comic so i shoved it up the cue a bit. The stars used are from NASA‚Äôs ‚ÄėStar Formation in the Heart of the Swan‚Äô. If you love space take the time to rummage through their images. They are amazing.

All artwork © Therese Ellem 2012

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People are just plain stupid. Look at this business lately with this really anti-Islamic¬†film ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, which has caused an outrage in some Muslim countries, (and is reported to be shit by all accounts) what a complete load of idiots some people are.

I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in a ‘God’ as such, or any religion…I haven’t got beef with people who do mind you, even though I think they might be slightly silly for doing so…no, my beef is with stupid people.

Some people just don’t need an accuse to go on a riot do they, it has very little to do with religion in my view and more to do with people just wanting to take the complete piss and have some ‘fun’, ‘hey it’s riot season lets go for it’ – However their particular brand of ‘fun’ is not so much fun, if you’re on the¬†receiving¬†end.

Protests against the film – Innocence of Muslims – began on Tuesday in the Egyptian capital Cairo. The media is reporting that at least seven people have died in protests in Khartoum, Tunis and Cairo.

In this day and age when we have billions of copies of this holy book in question, who cares if someone wants to set fire to it, or wipes their bottom on it, or eats it or whatever they wish to do with it, who cares that someone will draw a caricature of a prophet smoking a joint or fucking a camel.

The people that do care about this sort of ‘blasphemy’ and decide to riot because of it, or kill people are stupid… They should be locked up for being stupid, as well as killing people.

These protesters might call themselves whatever the hell the want to, it doesn’t bother me what religious¬†persuasion¬†they think they are, what bothers me more than anything is the fact they claim to be religious and are using religion to justify their actions, even if they claim it’s in¬†their¬†particular book, their actions are misguided not to mention wrong.

It also does the complete opposite to any ‘decent’ cause they may of wish to of put forward (not that they have any¬†decency or just causes) because it gives the media a perfect platform to then exploit the issue for political gain.

Another stupid that has been in the news of late involves Kate Middleton’s tits, that is a stupid…(not that her tits are stupid they look OK, although they are a bit small) why go topless for the world’s media (not that she has much to show anyway) and then sue because her privacy is being so called ‘invaded’ – You mean to tell me they didn’t know they¬†would be¬†spied¬†on, oh please. ¬†If she didn’t want to be photographed she could of either stayed indoors, or kept her bikini top on just as a precaution – I claim Kate Middleton a celebrity wannabe.

Of course it would of been the decent thing for the press to of asked for a Royal invite, but I doubt they would of got exclusive rights to Kate’s birthday suit, although why the Royal’s didn’t just go for a tasteful¬†bikini¬†shot is beyond me,¬†especially¬†in this day and age.

Oh right yes, they were on holiday.

A small fine to some of these media groups who are publishing these photos is nothing compared to the profits made in selling their wares to the rest of Europe, who must think the British Royal family quite mad, as well as prudish.

At least they got a free holiday out of it.

Walking off my weight

To weigh or not to weigh that is the question…

I’ve been trying to lose weight these pass couple of months now, and so far… well it doesn’t seem to be working. I do exercise but I don’t seem to be losing anything…

Maybe it was because of that cream cake I ate yesterday, or my¬†preference¬†for¬†spaghetti¬†five times a week…

My chosen¬†exercise¬†is walking, now I know that may sound rather wimpy, and in exercise circles it might seem that way, but I’m doing these ‘light’ workouts in the belief that I will burn more calories over a longer period of exercise; the fact that I’m unfit /over weight and don’t want to keel over and look stupid publicly, that may have something to do with it as well.

To be honest with you I often lose track of when I’m supposed to weigh myself, as well as what bloody time I’m supposed to do it, and should I be naked or clothed, should I have taken a shit before or after a weigh-in, as well as eating or not eating… I’ve come to the conclusion that I should weigh myself before exercise only, that way I knowing what weight I am at regular intervals and also I get rid of the silly weigh-in day that dieters use.

Now I know checking weight everyday or days when I¬†exercise¬†doesn’t particularly sound like a good idea, weight clubs for years and years have been using weigh-in days to make sure you starve yourself in order to avoid the public humiliation that follows from not sticking to a strict diet. I don’t think dieting on it’s own is a good idea if you want to lose weight, and I’m not a great believer in diets, because for me I don’t stick to them really, and by being very strict I end up eating more bad foods in the long run by relapsing into bad habits.

There is also another reason why I’m weighing myself everyday and this has more to do with¬†exercise¬†than diet. Now the way science tell us about losing calories (and this BTW works for any type of¬†exercise) is the belief that the more mass one has (the bigger the person / heaver the person is) the more calories one should burn during the same type of exercise as say a smaller mass. So if you’re an ‘overweight’ person that’s quite good news (as well as an incentive) to exercise, knowing that you can burn more fat, than some little guy who might look fit but is just a small and insignificant mass ūüôā

Now I have a app on my Android which I use to measure my distance and speed (called Cardiotrainer) which is rather good. Buried away in the settings page of the application is a facility to adjust the weight so that the app can work out how many calories a person like me (who is technically overweight) burns during the duration of the exercise, and because it varies quite a lot from person to person the end results are quite different. I change this setting¬†every time¬†I’m due to go out on my walk.

You might think that is a bit anal…

Getting back to thinking about calories and mass, imagine the difference it makes if your body has different weight on-board due to extra solids and fluids (wee/poo food/water) as well as clothing and footwear, now that is going to be different at different times of the day by several pounds, so weighing yourself before each exercise session (using an app like Cardiotrainer) is better than weighing oneself every week at a set time, says I. Not that it¬†particularly¬†matters, if like me for example you exercise for the same¬†amount¬†of time each session, but it’s nice to have a fairly accurate reading of the calories burnt.

Besides, it’s not all about weight, while it’s one thing to try get an¬†accurate¬†measurement of calories burnt during exercise, I’m not that concerned in the fluctuations of my overall weight, in fact I enjoy feeling better for doing the activity than any¬†perceived¬†weight loss.

Hello world!

Happy blogging!

I thought I’d start blogging again, in what seems like an age, well perhaps a year or so I thought I’d pick the golden quill (keyboard) and start doing some writings again on a new blog on

What will be the content, for this here blog you might very well ask yourself…believe you me ¬†it’s something I’ve thought about for all of five minutes, and I’ve come up with EVERYTHING. That’s right EVERYTHING and possibly ANYTHING, could be news, current affairs with a lot bitching and¬†commentary, it could be things to do with my personal life, or could be about your personal life (just kidding) (unless I know you) ¬†just about anything I feel the need to write down…

Lots of venting probably, and snarkyness.

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