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I’m currently watching : One Punch Man #Yatse


I’m currently watching : One Punch Man Episode 3  #Yatse

So I’m currently watching this as my Anime of choice,  and so far I’m liking it…  The art style is good throughout ,  the humor is on point. Its a Mad House joint based of a Manga by someone called One or is that more than one?

I’ve always been interested in the anti-hero as the main protagonists in my entertainment,  it must be something to do with watching Blade Runner too many times. 

Anyway,  definitely a recommendation from me if you like Anime,  big monster fights and silly humor.


Watch “Jim Carrey’s Secret of Life – Inspiring Message to the world” on YouTube

Saw this today on my Facebook feed…  But clicking back I lost the page it was originally posted on,  and thus couldn’t share it… This is perhaps why Twitter works better for not missing things..


I quite liked this video so I thought I would share to my Facebook wall and also to WordPress.

I’m currently watching : Alaskan Bush People – S02E13 – A Big Gamble #Yatse


I’m currently watching : Alaskan Bush People – S02E13 – A Big Gamble #Yatse

I’m really into this show… sometimes if it’s a fiction based show I often lose interest after a few seasons,  especially watching shows back to back… However reality shows I can watch all the time,  especially a show like Alaskan Bush People. 

I like how the whole family chip in and support each other,  the kids seem less materialistic and grounded not only in themselves, but with nature itself. 

Here Matt has made himself and the family an outdoor hot tub of sorts, dug directly into the ground.  Resourceful.

I’m currently listening : White Lies – There Goes Our Love Again #Yatse


I’m currently listening : White Lies – There Goes Our Love Again #Yatse

Woke up to this in my head this morning . So I had to play it before work.  Some 80’s sounding pop indie group,  recommended album. 

I’m currently watching : Hell on Wheels – S01E02 – Immoral Mathematics #Yatse


I’m currently watching : Hell on Wheels – S01E02 – Immoral Mathematics #Yatse #Kodi

That bloke from Star Trek plays the scary ruthless railroad owner…  Not above pic..

I’m currently watching : Gold Rush – S01E05 – The Pain Barrier #Yatse


I’m currently watching : Gold Rush – S01E05 – The Pain Barrier #Yatse #Kodi

Experiments in sharing what I’m watching via Yatse remote control app for Kodi… 

When I mean sharing,  not content but info…

The short story of how we are kept in odious Debt, Deficit, Crisis and Austerity


Global Political Analysis

– a stunning deadlock that keeps the 99% in planned poverty –

  • In extant financial-economic system Banks keep bailing out Governments and Governments keep bailing out Banks and in both cases the 99% of us – the Taxpayers – have to pay, meanwhile the richest 1% get richer. WHY?

At the very core of the global Crisis and Debt-trap, we find a series of fictitious transactions – Government- bonds and Bank-bailouts – that result in the many £ / € / $ trillions of odious (illegitimate) Public Debts – also called Sovereign or National Debts – as well as in the increasing Tax-burden and intensifying Austerity and Cuts for the 99%.

The two sides of these fictitious transactions between Banks and Governments that cause the ever increasing public Debts are in fact two empty IOUs exchanged by Banks and Governments:

  • 1) The Bank ‘buys’ Bonds from the Government – lends money…

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A true hero.

Today (may 25th) is Einharjar day which is traditionally a day spent commemorating the fallen heroes of Valhalla, thats if you happen to be a hero viking, its also, coincidentally Memorial Day in the United States.

Speaking of heroes, below are some of my thoughts from the last month which I haven’t shared but needed to write down. It concerns my friend’s son Bradley who typifies the meaning of the word hero.

He’s been fighting cancer now since last Summer. What started off as raised glands in his neck and various nosebleeds, turned out to be something much more serious.

Here are some of my thoughts from a month ago (hence why the post is dated April 29th) when we discovered from the specialists that it couldn’t be cured and was terminal:

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Intolerant of intolerance.

I’ve been meaning to write things down about the problem I have with stupid people even since the incidents in Paris over Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

I’m not a huge fan of intolerance, my argument is that all people should express themselves regardless of religion and culture, without fear of reprisals.

One of the points about having such a great society filled with lots of different people from all walks of life, especially in the West, is that we all can get together to discuss ideas and live amongst ourselves peacefully. We may not agree on a lot of things but as people we have more common with each other than we realise.

For the main part this happens albiet on the surface. I’d argue that different cultures have a natural tendency to stick together, either because of familial ties, ethnic or religious philosophy.

Having lots of different groups of people together has a tendency to create an atmosphere of tribalism, society within society… It would be lovely if the lines were blurred that you’d barely notice, but we have divisions that naturally occur areas where only white working class live,  or middle class…or Asian or upper class the list goes on and on… and yet there is some blurring of the lines… but for the main part things tend to gravitate around a central point where individuals feel safer in their own groups, either geographically or just in a general way.

We have a problem at work with one of our colleagues who just happens to be Muslim. He is a very passionate person and becomes animated when speaking about Islam, which he is entitled to do so… afterall its what he belives in.

Now the rest of the staff are all non Muslims and for the main part are non religious, to boot. I strongly believe that all people regardless of race, religion and culture be allowed to express his or her way of life so long as they’re not preaching their beliefs on to other people who don’t want to be preached at.

Each to their own…


I don’t expect to come into work and listen to him telling me and other people that 12 people (in Paris) deserve to die because they just so happen to of taken the piss out of a religious figure, and that the police officer got shot at point blank range got shot (who was Muslim) was only helping the ‘infidels’ (I’m quoting my Mulsim colleagues words here I’m really not making this up) – My problem is not his culture its not his religion… its his stupidity thats the problem… His inability to see that if you become intolerant you become the enemy yourself. He cannot see that, and he does his people his culture and religion a disservice.

I’m not suggesting its a fine thing to do… satirical or otherwise to poke fun of religion if it offends someone… but I will not abide his intolerance, his outrage is enough that he feels murder is justified.

Since when is murder justified for any reason. The man is stupid.

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